New World Council President – Scott Glanville

Introducing Scott Glanville, the current SB20 Australian Association President, who was elected as the new President of the SB20 World Council at the AGM, held on Saturday 3 September.

Scott is based in Hobart, Tasmania, the home of the SB20 Australian fleet and has been sailing in the Class for six years. Scott took over the Australian reins from Stephen Catchpool and continues to drive the Class forward, which is always a challenge for a nation that is separated by the tyranny of distance from the northern hemisphere fleets and without an international event on the calendar in coming years.

Scott describes himself simply as a cricketer who loves to go sailing, however, those that know Scott would attest to his unbridled passion for sport across its many dimensions, especially his unwavering support for the development of junior sport thanks in part to his lads, Mitchell and Rhys, who have inherited their father’s love of various sporting codes.


Blue Gull in action in the SB20 Northern Tasmanian Championship © Jane Austin


Scott sails his SB20 Blue Gull with co-owners and brothers Bruce and Rod and is a regular on the River Derwent in Hobart. Former Australian SB20 President, Stephen Catchpool is delighted to see Scott’s election to the World Council President role.



“Scott is passionate about the sport – he has a meticulous approach, is committed to fairness and excellence and has demonstrated a strong commitment to the development of the Class here in Australia and now on the world stage. Scott’s appointment will assist us to reinvigorate the Class locally and give Australia a greater voice internationally,” said Catchpool.





And while the enthusiastic sporting coach and administrator doesn’t profess to be an SB20 world champion in the making, he has plenty of ideas about the development of the international SB20 Class in coming years. On his commencement of the role at the recent World Council AGM, Scott commended outgoing President Jerry Dowling on his leadership of the Class over the last three years especially with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia / Ukraine crisis that has hit to the heart of the SB20 fleet recently.

Scott noted that the priorities for the Class are to complete the new Constitution and Incorporation of the Class, improve the sails and parts distribution across the globe, ensure the rules of the Class are adhered to and updated where required, and primarily to grow the Class within the existing Districts and to add new regions to our fleet.

Scott is the Managing Director at Phoenix Construction and Development Services in Tasmania, and he acknowledges the support of his wife Jackie in undertaking this role.

We wish him all the very best in his new role!


Scott Glanville with SB20 National Champions 2021 © Jane Austin


Words: Jane Austin SB20 Australia