Manufacturer of the SB20 boat

Sportsboat World is the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the SB20, a British-built one-design 6.15m keelboat conceived by Tony Castro as a wide appeal, affordable, competitive sports sailboat. Two decades after the successful launch of this strict one-design sailboat, Sportsboat World operates through a trusted international network of SB20 dealers and stakeholders and expanding into new territories, building on the fleet of SB20s around the world.

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There are over 800 boats worldwide, sailed in over 20 countries. The majority of boats are located in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, France, Netherlands, Singapore and Italy. From 2019 there is a growing fleet in the UAE, Malta and Turkey.


From 2019 the manufacturing of the SB20 boat was again returned to White Formula UK that make the composite parts of the boat including the hull. The SB20 sails are made by the UK manufacturer Hyde Sails, which conforms to strict one design rules.