Dubai Duty Free Sailing League Regatta 2021

The Dubai Duty Free Sailing League Regatta
1-4 December 2021

Hosted by Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC)

On the 1st – 4th of December 2021 DOSC hosted the Dubai Duty Free Sailing League Regatta. The event welcomed a total of 24 teams from around the world, with 12 representing DOSC and the Middle East.

Following the Sailing Champions League’s concept, 24 teams raced in 8-boat fleet races, leading to a 4-boat grand finale.

Quality of sailing, fun of the format, buzz of the race village, international vibe of 12+ nationalities and fierce competition with friendly chats and drinks at the Club were amazing!

The DDF Sailing League Regatta reserved 12 places for local teams and offered 12 to visiting teams creating a truly international event. Teams were allowed to nominate 5 sailors and rotate with a mix of teams sailing 3 up and some 4 up. Over 100 sailors took part representing 12 sailing clubs from 8 countries.

Boats were leant by members and the club equipped them with new sails. The boats were fully branded creating a lot of colour and impact on the water.

The Dubai Duty Free Sailing League Regatta included 4 days of racing that gave the competitors a wide mix of conditions from light to medium with some gusty moments. The race course was held close to shore with a public spectators area.

Alongside the sailing event, the surrounding area was converted into a village with various food stalls, kiosks, and live entertainment. The Racing Village also boasted an extended amount of games and activities for all the participants an spectators.

A fantastic daily live-stream with commentary allowed wider audience to follow the event from around the world. It was hosted by two local commentators from the DOSC team and Committee. The overall racing was managed by DOSCs professional team and bolstered by 2 International Umpires to keep a close eye on the racing.

Watch more live-stream videos from this fantastic event at DOSC Youtube Channel!

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